Daniel Baldwin Photographic | About
There are many forms of "photography" (painting with light) From scientific to art, to documenting life around us. I will sum up mine in 5 words. " I like what I like" I am not so much into technical speak (f-stops, lense speeds, magabytes, etc.) but one must have a basic knowledge to get the job done. Digital is amazing, to me it is not so diferent than an artist mixing their paints on a palette 200 years ago. I saw it in my mind first, then transfer it onto an electronic screen or inked sheet of paper. "they manipulated the image" some say, well.....if you put an image into a camera, you have just manipulated it. Ansel Adams, Alfred Steglitz perfected their images in 'post production' manipulating their printing process in black and white.

Many images were originally on film and transferred to digital. Cameras have been, Olympus, Canon and Nikon. We take for granted the power of a $200. pocket digital. That device can do what a car full of cameras and a darkroom did 50 years ago. One of my favorite subjects is Roadside America, man-made structures and vehicles: decaying, baking in the sun, returning to the elements from where they came. Then comes the many beautiful plants and animals along the way.

Available for commercial, digital artwork, graphic design and calendar production. located in downtown Fort Pierce, Florida, 111 Orange Av. 34950 phone (920) 205-3008